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Introduction to Perennial Favorites:
Perennial Favorites is a regional wholesale grower of high elevation, acclimated perennials, annuals, grasses and edibles; including native perennials and shrubs. Our huge selection of top quality nursery stock will thrive in the intermountain area including high elevation communities. Our plants are fully vernalized and uniquely grown to allow us to ship an ever changing selection of plants in color each week of the season. Plants grown by Perennial Favorites hold up to the unpredictable spring conditions of the intermountain area. Choosing Perennial Favorites gives you longer shelf-life and more color to sell to your customers, which means more inventory turns for you. We ship weekly on our own trucks giving you fresher stock. Put our plants to the test! We are confident you will find the highest quality and best selection with more plants shipped in color.
Other factors to consider:

  • Unsurpassed customer service; you will love our drivers.
  • Quick turns for our customers means increasing cash flow often before the invoice is due.
  • Informative website that includes online ordering.
  • Wholesale only: We are not in competition with our customers.
  • Dedicated to the independent garden center.
  • Constantly revising our inventory to supply the newest, hottest selling varieties.
  • Thank you for considering Perennial Favorites!